ESTEBAN VICENTE.  Permanent Collection selection

From February 27 to June 7, 2020

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente shows a selection of its permanent collection in its four gallery. This show allows to the visitant discover the Esteban Vicente´s career since 1950, when he introduce himself into the abstraction and kept in touch with the American Abstract Expresionism style, but with his own personality. From this period are a number of paintings and collages connected with action painting, gestural, and with interweave forms, near De Kooning but more lirycs and kind in the case of Vicente. In the middle of the decade forms and color concentrate in the middle of the painting, Guston influences. The paintings in the sixties are works with large and regular forms, that float in the space, in a very special atmosphere. In this years, his relation with the nature is evident. His works are the image of his travels and his stays in Hawaii. At the end of this decade, he starts his color field painting period. The gesture composition disappears, because the use of the aerograph instead of the brush. This technique allows him more saturation. The color palette is moderate, restrained, in order to show an inside landscape, limited to a color and hues. The collection from the 80´and 90´are big and high quality. The artist works with more freedom, the colors increase, gain light and color. The nature is the center of attention. Drawing and aerograph are in combination, and the outline are undefined. At the last years of the 90´and in 2000, is like a return to the figuration. Esteban has painted always for himself, but in this time, more than ever. With his experience, Esteban reduce his work to the essence. These paintings are the end of a process in which the artist has been looking for the color and the freedom.