Project Description

Untitled, 1967

Untitled, 1967. Oil on canvas 35 7/8 x 27 7/8 inches

The artist had by now started his journey towards his ultimate language. The masses of colour are larger, there is no sign of any intertwining. He focusses on the behaviour of light and colour. The circular rhythm of the forms that frame a luminous nucleus at the centre dominates the work. In addition, this work begins to show an advance on one of the concepts that will later acquire greater meaning in the work of Esteban Vicente: the creation of interior landscapes. Contrary to what one may think, the interior landscape to which Esteban Vicente refers does not transfer his feelings to the surface of the canvas, but instead, his intention is to invite the viewer to a take an inner look. It intends to capture our gaze, our attention, the landscape stops on the painting itself.