Project Description

Untitled (Sin título), 1994.

Untitled (Sin título), 1994. Paper on canvas 19 5/8 x 27 7/8 inches

This collage entails the stripping of all traces of colour, its light is centred on the sole main character of the piece, paper, and it is only the paper that traps the light. It is a collage in the style of Zurbarán, in that it reduces the essence of the piece to shades of white. Vicente said: “The white paper invites me to place on it my vision, my feelings, invites me to find a new artistic reality. The demarcated area becomes intimate, luminous, it acquires form, and at times it seems as if we will achieve a maximum degree of satisfaction. I find in this collage a valuable serenity and precision, which are essential to the existence of my image in painting”.