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Untitled (Trees) [Sin título (Árboles)], 1936.

Untitled (Trees) [Sin título (Árboles)], 1936. Watercolor 10 5/8 x 14 1/8 inches

In 1932, Esteban Vicente travelled to Paris with a scholarship awarded by the Junta de Ampliación de Estudios. During that trip he met Estelle Cherniakofsky Harac, an American student of the Sorbonne University who would become his first wife, she was introduced to him by his friend Michael Sonnabend. In 1935 they married in Barcelona and, following a stay there, they moved to Ibiza. There he painted and sketched a large number of landscapes and befriended writers, travellers and artists such as Soledad Martínez, Raoul Haussmann, Martin Baer, etc.

During his time in Ibiza he made sketches outdoors, which he collated in several notebooks. He also painted oils and watercolours representing stunning landscapes imbued in the Mediterranean light. Vicente carefully observed the landscape and interpreted it in the same way. He condensed it, sketched it quickly, but at the same time went into enough detail to offer the viewer what he saw. This landscape showing three trees is exceptional because of the brilliance of its colours, where greens, yellows, blues contrast with each other, in a way reminiscent of the Ibizan light, intertwined with elegant transparencies that insinuate the landscape. It is executed using the brushstrokes that are the start of the route he would follow throughout his work.