Project Description

Blue, 1994.

Blue, 1994. Oil on canvas 50 1/8 x 42 1/8 inches

As with his first abstract works, the artist here combines the size and shape of the unfocussed colour planes with their position on the painting. He plays with the blue and the green. The blue, a cold colour, is “warmed” by a warmer colour from the green spectrum adding balance and somehow framing the painting with the strip he paints at the top and extends to the border to the right. The green contains blue and yellow. There is no story, it is simply colour, there is not even a structure, only colour and a certain form. Vicente shows a great emotional intensity with very few colours. In this piece he works with dreams: “There are abstractions and there are illusions. Dreams and illusions are opposites. Illusions represent the death of the art of painting”.