Project Description

Diptych: Untitled (Díptico: Sin título), 1987.

Diptych: Untitled (Díptico: Sin título), 1987. Oil on canvas 60 1/8 x 70 1/8 inches

This is the beginning of a new era of large format painting, which was very typical of Abstract Expressionism. The dimensions of the works increase, as do the simplicity of their forms and rhythms. Vicente continued to use paint applied with an air compressor as he did during the 1970s. Borders, sharp-edged and diffused, the tactile and the visual, can all coexist within the same painting.
In this piece, the masses of colour are dispersed, casual; however, there is a conceived composition that develops by following the yellows around a sinuous axis guiding the eye to a foreground from the bottom right to the top left hand side, and the background is covered in masses of blue and green. The forms become blurred to favour colour. Three basic colours, yellow, blue and green, temper their saturation in the inter-relationship they create and in the arrangement they find in space. This is particularly evident in the yellows and blues. A luminous yellow form attracts one’s attention. Vicente offers two separate parts which, when joining, turn two compositions into a third.