Project Description

Number 5, 1950

Number 5, 1950. Oil on canvas 35 x 45 1/4 inches.

In 1950, a piece by Esteban Vicente was selected to be shown in the Talent 1950 exhibition. This exhibition resulted in the break of a long period of silence that had lasted almost 10 years.  This date saw the start of a new era of regular artistic productions and exhibitions.

With a chromatic spectrum limited to ochre and grey on a white background, Esteban Vicente designed this painting with masses of colour that appear to be moving and intertwining. It seems as if the forms are in a floating space, due to the contrast between the intertwining and the morphology of shapes with very blurred and imprecise outlines. The sense of movement, slow, with no specific direction or precise orientation, is accentuated by the luminous surface of each of the coloured forms, sometimes determined by the brushstroke – different pressure, different direction, different intensity, a different “charge” on the brush – others by the superposition of the colours.