Project Description

Red Field (Campo rojo), 1972.

Red Field (Campo rojo), 1972. Oil on canvas 55 7/8 x 68 1/2 inches

The title is already a declaration of principles. Here Vicente painted a landscape from an abstract perspective, an interior landscape, and reduced it to colour ranges, shaded with multiple glazes. It is a canvas covered in red paint, and only the shades and degradation of that red produce the effects of depth or distance. A red field which takes us to a single and precise surface where red is the colour of the sunlight, of fire, of strength. It is important to see here how the surface traps the light, it does not behave as a medium on which to paint. There are Rothkian echoes in the saturation and subtle degradation of the red, but it is different from Rothko because of the composition created by Vicente. He exploits to their maximum the possibilities of a single colour with endless gradations and fluctuations in order to delve into an idea. Colour is the ultimate quest, not only in the way it is applied but also in the manner it can be found. He introduced the technique of the aerograph or paint pistol, giving the painting a more ethereal look, the colours are diffused, the pattern and the sensation of weight disappear. These subtle forms are enough for the painting to offer an “anecdote”, unidentifiable, that works by forcing our gaze towards it.