Project Description

The Garden (El jardín), 1984.

The Garden (El jardín), 1984. Colored paper, charcoal and gouache on board 21 1/4 x 31 1/2 inches

The evocation of nature appears in the piece in the shape of landscape, in others as an assortment of stones bathed in water. Following his marriage to his third wife Harriet, Vicente acquired a farm in Bridgehampton, Long Island. There he spent half the year painting with natural light in an old barn converted into a studio. He, together with his wife, spent time tending their garden and it was probably there where he found his inspiration to create this work. There is a sense of the garden in the tones of the paper and the forms chosen for its execution, resulting in a kind of interior landscape to which the viewer is invited to take an inner look. The landscape stops in the piece itself and it produces an effect of serenity and order in what is being perceived and evoked.